XPage : Dynamic field Binding

In my application I wanted to bind a viewScope variable with the field, but the key was not static. The viewScope key was generated based on some business logic. To solve this problem, I created a dataContext variable (whose name is constant) and computed the value of this (data context) variable. I wrote the code there to calculate the key name. Finally I binded the field with the viewScope variable as follows:

The dataContext variable:

The field binding:

Same technique can be extended to other objects like NotesDocument, NotesViewEntry, etc.

One thought on “XPage : Dynamic field Binding

  1. Hi,
    Seems you know lot about Lotus Notes and have done Android as well. I have a question. I want to access Lotus Notes i.e get and set meeting from Android application.
    I am getting exception for integrating java code in Android. How can I make this possible.
    I tried creating jar for java code but i am unable to run it.

    Please help.

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