The Next Step…

If you’ve been on eCafeChat for more than a year, you might remember you could only have one photo—your profile picture. Before that, we didn’t have the scrapbook, just a private message of text. And also, we didn’t have forums, banks, news, etc. Maybe if you were here really early on, you might remember a time before we had only chatrooms.

A lot has changed, and we’re not done improving the site yet. We have a bunch of good things coming out soon, so we wanted to give you a heads up. When we’ve made changes in the past, a lot of people have gotten upset and requested in asking us to change the site back. Change can be disorienting, but we do it because we’re sure it makes the site better. It may have felt different at first, but things like photos, scrapbook, giftshops and the shopping mall have all made eCafeChat a more useful and interesting site.

It’s our goal to provide a tool that helps people understand what’s going on with the people around them; all of our additions and changes contribute towards this goal. The new things we’re going to launch will do the same.

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