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  1. He traducido su plugin a español…. Como puedo hacer para enviarselo y que usted tenga mas variedad? Si lo desea contacteme por correo y se lo envio de regreso.
    Esta seria mi pequeña contribucion de agradecimiento por su trabajo.

    I have translated your plugin to Spanish …. As I can do to send it and you have more variety? You contact me by mail and sent it back.
    This would be my small contribution of appreciation for their work.

  2. Hello,

    In the home page buttons refer to entire website, not only to the post in particular, so you have all the buttons with the same numbers. When someone click like, it will “like” the entire website.

    You can see an example at http://www.pauloramires.com.

    In the post page it’s ok.

    How can I fix that?

  3. @Rics, I think you are talking about twitter. For PlusOne & FB like buttons it is for post only. Wait for my next release, I will provide a settings page for twitter also so that you can customize it. 🙂

  4. This looks like exactly what I need for my blog. I’ve been looking for a nice simple plugin that doesn’t have 100 buttons on it, just the main ones! Will try your plugin, thanks for the great work!

  5. Love this clean, compact plug-in!
    My faces do not seem to show up from those who like the post that I experimented with. I logged into a few accounts and liked the post to be sure. The faces not showing.

  6. Hi Rahid!

    Thais looks very nice! The only (graphical) observation that I have is that the new(er) medium size Google +1 button would look better than the large button (original) +1 button as it is closer to the size of the Twitter and Facebook buttons in size.

    Thanks for a nice job!


  7. I think Rashid’s Socialize Button | Rashid Azar's Blog is a well written article and you do a well written job of writing very detailed.

  8. Rashid, My like button acted crazy, the slot was there but no graphic, then everything Facebook disappeared after updating WP to the latest version. Twitter and Google plus are still doing their thing. Do we need an update from you or am I the only one having trouble? It worked with 2.3.1 but not now. It’s a great plug in if I can get it to work again. I need it.

  9. Hi Rashid,

    Your Socialize plug-in was working before, but no longer does. I tried updating Suffusion (theme), but that didn’t solve the problem. I am using the latest WordPress version. Any ideas?


  10. Hi Rashid, I like your plugin, but I’ve got two issues: if I click on “Tweet” on my blogroll, Twitter wants to tweet my webpage, in stead of the particular post under which the icon is displayed. When I click on the title of a post (post = cartoon in my case), to open it, and then click on the tweet icon, twitter wants to tweet the post – which is what I would like to do.

    Further: amount of likes in Facebook appears to be higher than mentioned under my posts.

    Best Regards,

  11. The plugin seems to work OK in WordPress. It shows how many people “like” the post, but nothing seems to happen in Facebook itself. I post a link to the blogpost in Facebook, and people who like it in Facebook show up there, but the count in Facebook doesn’t reflect the count in the plugin. Is there no actual connection between the plugin and Facebook? When people “like” the post on my blog, does their “like” show up anywhere else?


    1. Hi,

      Thanks for using my plugin.

      I have made necessary changes in the plugin to meet your requirement, but due to some problem with wordpress I am not able to upload my updated plugin to their server. Once I upload the plugin you just need to update it. Then you will get an option to select the position of the buttons.

      I hope it will help you.

  12. Hi Rashid, I tried a few other plugins before I got to yours and it’s great to find it working in version 3.5.1 of WordPress! I have a question, on the WP version of the blog the plugin works fine http://www.awarenessclinic.co.uk/news/ but this blog is integrated into an existing website, see http://www.awarenessclinic.co.uk/news.php. The FB link shows fine, but the Twitter and G+ are not displaying properly. I have a feeling that I need to edit the path to the image in de editor, could you help me in the right direction so Twitter and G+ will display properly also on my website? Ta!

  13. Hi Rashid, you must have caught it exactly in a moment I was trying an other one. I had this one installed: RA-Socialize Button. In any case, I found one that displays on my website now, so don’t worry 🙂

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