Rashid’s Facebook Like Box Plugin for WordPress

I was searching for a plugin to add Facebook Like Box on my blog but I did not found any suitable plugin which suits my purpose. I found few plugins at WordPress.org but they don’t support my wordpress version. So I decided to write my own plugin. You can also download it and use it at your wordpress blog as well. Click here to download the plugin.


Download the plugin.

Upload to your blog (/wp-content/plugins/).

Activate it.

Click the RA-FB Like Box.

Fill in the options.

Then go to widget and drag and drop Rashid’s Facebook Like Box in the area you want to display the plugin.

19 thoughts on “Rashid’s Facebook Like Box Plugin for WordPress

  1. I liked your plugin, I modified it a little bit adding one more option “locale” for local language settings. I also added a 10px margin-top to the iframe. Perhaps you could consider adding the locale option if you ever do an update.

  2. Quick question: what would be the PHP code to add it directly to a template? I like the plugin, but I don’t want to put it in my sidebar, rather, I’m looking to have it appear at the bottom of every blog post.

  3. Also, I have recent posts that don’t show up in the stream. It’s pulling in posts from a month ago instead of my most recent posts.

  4. Hi Rashid,
    I have used this plugin but facing a little problem .When I logged i see 15 faces of likes and if i loggedout i only see 5-6 faces.Although there are 1284 likes.
    Please Rashid Help me.

    1. Hey Frank,
      Thanks for reporting this bug, as of now you can enter your border colour as red, green, blue, etc or prepend %23 before hex code, for example, %23FF0000 (for red).

      I will fix this soon.

  5. Hi Rashid, thanks for the plugin. Another person has also asked this question and I can’t see an answer – How do you get the title to not show? In the settings, the title field is blank but it still shows the title “Facebook Likes”

  6. Hej Rashid (I had a school friend years ago from Morocco with the same name, but that’s another story),

    Like your Plugin, works fine for me. Only one tiny problem: The bottom border is missing for some strange reason and does not want to appear. Maybe a bug? Any idea what could be wrong? http://www.zockt.com/vonguteneltern/

    Greets from Berlin, Germany.

  7. Do you know if there is any way to change how many faces show? With my width being about 235px, I need to show only 8 faces if possible.

    Great plugin!

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