Myth or Media hype

Now a days many people make a comment that “All Muslims Are Not Terrorist But All Terrorist Are Muslim.” To make the point clear let use first understand the definition of terrorism.

Terrorism: “The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.” – Oxford Dictionary

I am giving following facts from history and leaving it upto you to decide whether they fall in the definition of terrorism:

  1. In The History Of The World Who Has Killed Maximum Innocent Human Beings?
    Adolf Hitler. Do You Know Who Was He? He Was A Christian.

  2. Who killed 20 Million Human Beings Including 14.5 Million Were Starved To Death?
    Joseph Stalin called As Uncle Joe. Was He Muslim?

  3. Mao Tse Tsung (China)
    He has Killed 14 To 20 Million Human Beings. According to wikipedia the figure is 40-70 million. Was He Muslim?

  4. Benito Mussolini (Italy)
    He has Killed 400 Thousand Human Being. Was He Muslim?

  5. Ashoka
    In Kalinga Battle He Has Killed 100Thousand Human Being. Was He Muslim?

  6. Embargo Put By George Bush
    In Iraq 1/2 Million Children Has Been Killed In Iraq Alone!!!

  7. For more incidents click here

Imagine these people are never called terrorist by the media. Why?

Today majority of non-Muslims are afraid by hearing the word “Jihad“.

Jihad is an Arabic word which comes from root Arabic word”Jahad” Which Means “to strive” or “to struggle”
“to strive or struggle” against evil and for justice, it does not mean killing innocents ,the difference is we stand against evil , not with evil”.

This proves one thing: This profession is never a Muslim monopoly, not even a Muslim specialty.

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