Integrate Lotus Notes & Primavera

Currently I am doing integration of Lotus Notes and Primavera. Basically I need to read the plan from Primavera and also write back the status. To do the integration first of I need to install the necessary software on the client(the computer from where Integration APIs will be used to access data) and the server as well (Primavera server should be installed on this computer).

  • Install Primavera Integration API in client mode on the client machine and in J2EE application mode on server.
  • Create an user and assign license to the user to call Integration APIs to access data from Primavera.

Now I have ready my tools to dig the data from Prmavera server. I need to import all required classes into my agent to use the Integration API.

  • I imported intgclient.jar file from “C:Program FilesPrimaveraIntegrationAPIclientlib” directory into my agent. I installed Primavera in “C:Program FilesPrimaveraIntegrationAPI” directory.
  • Now everything is set and I can write the real code to read and write from the server.

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  1. Mr. Azar,

    I find this post extremely interesting for an application I am desiring to employ. May I ask, how successful was your final integration and could you post a follow up to this original entry?

    Best Regards,

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