eCafeChat: New Features…

Last month I updated eCafeChat and added a lots of new features for improved and better user experience. Below is a quick tour of all of our new features on eCafeChat:

Profile Visitors

Now every user can know who are visiting their profile. After all, aren’t you curious who is taking an interest in you, checking out your photos, and keeping up with the things going on in your life? Even if they don’t leave you a scrap or popup you still know they care 🙂

We like it when you show an interest in eCafeChat by sending us suggestions, and your friends like it when you show an interest in them. So keep letting us know what we can do to make eCafeChat better, by telling us in the eCafechat Help & Support, and keep letting your friends know you care by visiting their profiles!

Recent Updates

Whenever you update your profile, add photos or add comments all updates will be posted to your friends homepage. This helps in improving your communication with your friends. Now you can tell your friends what you are doing or how you’re feeling right this minute by changing your headline message on your profile.

Personal Chat-rooms

This is a great idea to have a personal chat-room in which you are the BOSS :). You can set a password to that chat-room so that only selected members can enter. If you are the creator of any chat-room the you can kick out any member if they are creating problem their.

There are a lots of new features are there for better user experience. I ll explain all those in my next article. Have Fun!

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