Android USB Tethering in UBUNTU 12.04

I was struggling to use the internet connection of my Android in my laptop. I
searched on google and fond that Ubuntu recongnize it automatically if USB
tethering is enabled on the connected Android phone. Then I tried to enable the
USB modem interface usb0 using following command:

it gave me following error:

Ignoring unknown interface usb0=usb0.

Then I checked the file /etc/network/interfaces. I found there is no entry for
usb0. I added following lines at the end of the file:

and again tried the above command but this time it gave me following message:

Rather than invoking init scripts through /etc/init.d, use the service(8)
utility, e.g. service smbd reload

Since the script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an
Upstart job, you may also use the reload(8) utility, e.g. reload smbd

Then I tried following command and was able to use internet on my laptop.

6 thoughts on “Android USB Tethering in UBUNTU 12.04

  1. Thanks!!, I got it to work as well with your explanations.
    I had to add the two lines to /etc/network/interfaces like you say, but did not need the “sudo reload smbd” command.
    Instead I believe this is just given as an example in the message output, referring to the the Samba network file system daemon (which has nothing to do with network connections). The message is just proposing a “better way”, your “sudo ifup usb0” got executed anyway.
    In my case however I did not need ifup, but this command: “sudo restart network-manager”. Since I use the Ubuntu NetworkManager, which is the default setting.
    Executing ifup should not be needed anyway, as this should be called by the ifplugd daemon when a cable is plugged in (at least this was the case for wired Ethernet in ubuntu 11.04 or so).

  2. Absolutely going to have to try this when I get home tonight thank you very much for the information. I’m running Linux Mint, the commands would likely be the same I’m assuming? Thanks again.


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